Monday, March 4, 2013

Lily Lolo Natural Lipstick: Desire!

Good morning everyone! Everytime I find myself intrigued by a lipstick, I surf the web searching for precise and reliable swatches and I compare them trying to get an idea of what the color will really look like... that's why I've decided to make this post, in order to let you get the exact shade of a pretty famous natural lipstick: Lily Lolo's Desire
But first let me spend two words on the quality of these lipsticks in general: they cost 7.99£ for 4 grams of product (so for 1 or 2 years of use ;) and they are composed by a bunch of vegetal oils, waxes, vitamin E, A and rosemary extract, so nothing bad to say about the formula (except for that bloody lanolin, but why do you use it, damn?! :| ) 
What about the overall performance? If you look for an exceptionally pigmented and lasting product, stay away from it! This is a very good moisturising and shiny lipstick that will last a few hours because of its nature (it is some kind of a glosstick -gloss+lipstick-). So do I like it? Yes, definetely, even if I was expecting a deeper color, as many of you did maybe!  



Anyway the shade could be defined as a cool glossy red! 
And the packaging is elegant and chic ;) 
Stay tuned! 



  1. Wow this looks like a dupe for MAC rebel lipstick! Love it! xx

  2. :) Since I don't use Mac lipsticks I can't confirm it, but thank you for sharing this information!

  3. thank you so much for this, subbed because of the swatch, and you're a natural blog��

    1. Thank you Fullafizzy, I appreciate it so much!


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