Monday, June 25, 2012

Vegetal Exfoliators

Everyone knows how to prepare a homemade scrub, using sugar or salt, but what about trying to make something 'more professional'? 

There are several dried vegetal particles that might be added to your cleanser or cream to create an effective scrub. 
Here are some examples (ranging from the most gentle option to the harshest):  
- iris root powder (great for a daily face exfoliating routine) 
- rosa mosqueta powder (also activates micro-circulation) 
- cocos nucifera pulp (film-forming action, delicious smell!) 
- fragaria vesca seed (respects the hydrolipidic film of your skin) 
- hydrogenated jojoba oil (attractive tiny blue pearls made by jojoba wax) 
- bambusa vulgaris stem powder (deeply cleans the skin pores) 
- olea europea husk powder (great for a body scrub, brightens up your skin)
- juglans regia shell powder (effectively softens up the skin of your body) 

Remember that a healthy skin is always beautiful! 

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