Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mineral Eyeshadows/Eyeliners swatches

Here I introduce to you a smart mineral eyeshadows palette, her name is :) 'Arcobaleni, Gli Scurissimi' by NeveCosmetics
It contains 10 mineral eyeshadows free from silicons, petrolates and parabens. They can be used as normal dry or wet eyeshadows and eyeliners. 
Each pan contains 3g of product, which are removable and changeable.  
Price: 26.80 €   

Warm grey with purpleish undertones

2-Fiori d'Ombra
Shimmery antique purple

Dark purple with warm undertone
Dark blue with a cold purple undertone
Sea blue with green undertone

Neutral blueish dark grey 
Dark emerald green
Elegant bronzy green
Chocolate brown (satin) [lipsafe]
10-Red Carpet
Warm dark red (matte) [lipsafe]


Would I buy it again? I'd definetely repurchase some of these pans, the price for a single one is 4.20€. 
The ones that I don't like that much are Incubo (it's not as pigmented as his camrades!) and Shopping (I hate a warm purple eyeshadow on me!). 
My Top 3 are: Retro', Fiori d'ombra and Inchiostro. 
Tattoo, Shock and Inchiostro are wonderful eyeliners. 
Red Carpet is a luxury deep red lipcolor!    

Lots of kiss's and good wish's for the New Year!! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ELF Radiance Enhancer and All Over Color Stick Swatches

Today I'd like to show you the swatches and talk about two illuminizers by ELF
The Radiance Enhancer gives a nice discreet everyday illuminating touch in a liquid formula, while the All Over Color Stick has a less illuminating power and it's in a creamy formula. 
I personally have tried them both in the Spotlight shade, in fact they're pretty similar, but I prefer the Radiance Enhancer because it's a lil bit shinier (the Stick is almost invisible even though it has more pigmentation) but the All Over Color has a wonderful lemony orangy perfume!!  

Would I buy them again? I'd purchased again the Radiance Enhancer but I'd leave to others the All Over Color Stick! 
Here you have the swatches of the two products, the first picture is taken in daylight, the second with a flash. 
1: All Over Color Stick (Spotlight) 
2: Radiance Enhancer (Spotlight) 

Have 'warm' and sweet holidays ^-^ 

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Best Cheap Concealer 2011

the undereye concealer that followed me during the whole 2011 has been the Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter by ELF
I always have problems when it comes to undereye concealing because I've a really reactive-sensitive-dry eye area. But this little guy works so well for me, I've got the fair one, 
a perfect match for my skintone. On the other side of the tube we have an highlighter, a nice shimmery pearly white-based shade even though I don't use it so often because I prefer highlighters that don't contain shimmery particles. 

Price: 4 € or 3 $ in the USA
Weight: 5 + 5 grams 

- A really light formula that applies easily 
- An illuminating effect, great for the undereye area 
- 5 grams of product that will last you for a long time 
- A relatively cheap price 
- The tube is so uncomfortable, moreover there was a loss of product in the middle so that I had to transfer the product in 2 jars 
- If you have really deep and dark undereye circles I don't think this is gonna be enough because of the very light and liquid formula. 

See you next time! 
Byeee  (: 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Best Shampoo

My favorite shampoo is a delicate and natural solution, even personizable!! It's the 'Base Lavante' by Aroma-Zone, a 100% natural shampoo that's gentle and effective, useful for both your hair and body and you can personalize it by adding your favorite essential oils. 
I personally love adding Lavande, Palmarosa, Lemon and Tea Tree oils because they help my hair be healthy and shiny. 
It's cruelty free and ecological... 
100% APPROVED ;) 

Price: 12,50 € for 1 Litre!! 
Would you buy it again? Yes Yes definetely! 

A big smile for everyone! 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Excessive Luxury?!

Surfing the web I found these incredible EXCESSES, let's just take a look!   

For those who just can't live without their favorite perfume, our EverAltruist Sephora gives the chance to buy a superbottle of the most famous fragrances...

2 636,50 € for a 900 ml bottle of Chanel N5, a big deal for tireless consumers isn't it?... 

...or 1 318 € for a 1.25 litres bottle of Alien! Woooow -.-'  

I mean guys, what's the point in buying pints of a perfume? Just do it if you have so many sisters or friends to share it with or you are a rich collector...if not just don't do it! For me a 50 ml bottle is enough for a whole year so I think that more or less would be the same amount for all of you human beings!!! 

Here we have the superfamous 'Crème de la Mer', the elixir that claims to recover and maintain young the inevitably aging skin of your face! 
For those who believe it, here they have a giant jar of their salvation to apply all over their body... $1650.00 for 16.5 oz... just a miracle to buy! 

I just would like to know your impressions about these luxurious gifts, would you like to receive them? 
Let me know, I'm curious about it... 

Friday, December 16, 2011

*4* Gift Ideas 2011

Today's focus will be on 'Connected Fair Trade': 
"We strive to bring innovative, well designedFair Trade products and a unique human experience. While shopping at Connected you will not only support the artisan that made the product, but will also connect into a small piece of their life story. We focus on each artisan's life experience as it relates to their creation.
While we source primarily from companies thatare members of Fair Trade Federation and World Fair Trade Organization, there are a few exceptions. For these companies we research their practices to understand how they apply Fair Trade principles, and to ensure that they are adhering to Fair Trade values. 
Connected is a different type of consumer experience. It is our goal to enhance the act of consumption by creating an interactive, meaningful experience between you and the artisan.
The people are, and always will be the inspiration throughout our endeavors."  

1 foot carved from pumice stone, 1 nail brush with foot carved on wooden handle, and 1 foot carved from Jasmine soap - All presented in a fabric box with Buddha's feet on a lotus graphics printed on the fabric and presented atop a bed of vetiver root. Dimensions (box): 5.25 x 6 x 1.75"
[Handmade by Fair Trade Artisans in Bali]

This is a finely carved wooden sculpture that neatly holds your glasses. It is the shape of a nose and a mouth that stands on its own. The glasses rest on the “nose”, with the back securing them in place. A great and practical gift for anyone! 
Dimensions: 2.5 × 2.5 × 6″ 
[Handmade by Fair Trade Artisans in India] 
This product is made by HSSS, a non-profit organization that works for the uplifting and development of underprivileged artisans. It is composed mainly of male artisans, both Hindu and Muslim, who suffer educational, training and health related issues.  

(A very smart and original gift idea for our daddies ^^)


What better way to send a message to someone special than inside the belly of these darling little ceramic birds (a little birdie told me so). Just write a few lines on the blank piece of paper that comes rolled up inside. Also adorable hanging from a string or just around your home. Great for topping off a gift, party favors, lunchbox surprises, table decoration... the options are limitless to anywhere your imagination takes you! 
- hand crafted in Cusco, Peru
- each bird individually boxed
- packaging made from recycled materials 
- dimensions: 2.5" x 1.5" x 1.5" (paper is 2" x 1.5") 
- glazed white 
These ceramic birds are made according to fair trade guidelines. This means the artisans are paid a living wage, have a safe working environment and are not subject to workplace pollutants or toxins. Most of the artisans are women in poverty stricken rural areas. They usually work at home with their children playing nearby. 

(Nice idea for those who want to send a message to a person they love)   

It's all for today!! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

*3* Gift Ideas 2011

Here is our Third Gift Ideas Episode!
For this occasion I've chosen a British webpage called NotMassProduced which dedicates to promoting europeans artisans that share their own BELIEFS: 

  • We can all contribute to making the world a better place
  • We can choose products which neither harm the environment nor the people that make them
  • We can reduce our carbon footprint and help our economy by buying local
  • We can redistribute wealth in favour of individual makers and small businesses rather than global giants
  • We can encourage creativity, talent and individuality
  • We can promote quality versus quantity
  • We can buy less and appreciate what we buy
  • We can keep traditional skills and crafts alive for future generations
  • We can buy from artisans who adhere to ethical and eco-friendly practices 

Beautiful message for everyone.


Ribbon wrapped bangle with a vintage bronze button and lace and ribbon bow. Perfect for any special occasion!
- Hand made

- Recycled materials
- Vintage 

(So damn cute isn't it??)

The Christine bag is a handy oilcloth book bag. A useful sized bag for every day. Made from quality oilcloth with a vintage style rose pattern, and lined in a contrasting cotton.The bag handle has a ribbon rosette trimmed with a button.
The bag has comfy jute handles a large zipped inside pocket and a magnetic closure.
Height: 28cm not including handles  

Width :33cm
Depth: 9cm

(This is already in my Spring 2012 Wishlist! (:)

Beautiful to look at and even more divine to use!
Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang blended with sweet orange essential oil, a feminine, romantic blend. Dressed in a rose band and studded with naturally scented dried rosebuds.

- Hand made
- Natural ingredients
- Free from parabens 

(Perfect for our beautiful moms and grandmas! ^^)

Fresh Lime combined with deep sultry patchouli. A scent for men or women. We swirl activated charcoal into this soap which is known to help draw out impurities from the skin.
- Hand made
- Natural ingredients
- Parabens free
- Palm oil free

*10p from the sale of this product will be donated to Borneo Orangutan Survival UK*

(Perfect for the smelling men of the house! :D

                                         SOLID SILVER HEART NECKLACE
A beautiful gift to treasure, this leaf and tendril textured heart pendant is individually handmade from solid fine 999 silver. The pendant is approx 24 x 24mm and hangs from an 18 inch sterling silver link chain. Each heart will be handmade by the artisan and presented in her beautiful recycled ribbon-tied gift box. 
- Hand made 
  - Recycled materials. 
(I usually don't like heart shaped accessories because I consider it so banal, but this is so nicely textured and shiny that I've forgotten it!)    

See you next time Ladies and Gentlemen! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

*2* Gift Ideas 2011

Hello WebWanderers!
Here is the second episode of  'Gift Ideas 2011'.
Today I've chosen a British website MimosaStyle whose philosophy is the following: 
"At Mimosa Style we believe you can have the best of both worlds….. beautiful, stylish products that have been fairly traded without exploitation. We carefully select our suppliers to ensure that the original, chic fashion accessories, jewellery and gifts from around the world that we offer have been made by local craftsmen and women who are fairly paid and work in decent conditions. We are also keen to promote use of natural materials from sustainable sources in the making of the fabulous items you can find at Mimosa Style.  So if you want to look good and feel good then why not add a little Mimosa Style to your life!"
Now that we know something about it let's have a look at my picks...


This eye catching handwoven small handbag is made from 100% recycled fruit juice cartons and whilst looking stylish and fun, it's also hard wearing and versatile for everyday use.
So you can look good and do your bit for the planet at the same time
Due to the recycled nature of this product the design will vary from the image shown as every bag is unique
Dimensions : W =  30cm H = 19cm D = 4cm
*This fairtrade product is handmade in the Philippines*


This beautiful delicate lightweight necklace is made in from thin slices of tagua strung through the middle, and coloured in subtle pastel shades to create a truly stunning piece of jewellery.
Dimensions: 40 x 3cm. Adjustable length.
*This fair trade jewellery is handmade in Colombia*  


Fair Trade handbag in Pink linen with appliqued & embroidered hot air balloons.
Reach for the skies with these fabulous ethically made Balloon bags! A generously proportioned ‘over the shoulder bag’ with external and internal zipped pockets and mobile phone pouch. 
A great alternative to leather, an ideal bag for a vegetarian or vegan or anyone wanting a stylish fabric handbag.
Dimensions : 30 x 25 cm

Here is a composition I realized with the following accessories by EARTH SQUARED 

Gorgeous sage felt Ava bag with sage spot jersey, this bag offers a simple, timeless design and a roomy interior to stow away all those everyday essentials. One internal zipped pocket and handy mobile pouch. Complete the look with a matching purse.
Dimensions: 29.5x23.5 strap 65 cm 
Ever popular, fabulously soft jersey scarf in sage spot with a plain brown jersey reverse and brown jersey ruffle. Dimensions: 25 x 190 cm

Fingerless gloves in sage spot jersey - these fair trade gloves keep your hands warm this winter (and look great at the same time!). One size (medium). Dimensions: 10 x 16 cm

*These fair trade accessories are handmade in Vietnam* 

And here is my second composition by EARTH SQUARED : 

Our best selling Emily bag in soft brown felt with contrasting sage spot jersey details and spotty red satin button. The Emily bag is the perfect size for using everyday, featuring two internal zipped pockets and handy little mobile phone compartment.
Dimensions: 22 x 30 cm 
Fingerless gloves in aqua spot jersey - these fair trade gloves keep your hands warm this winter (and look great at the same time!). One size (medium)
Dimensions: 10 x 16 cm 
*These fair trade accessories are handmade in Vietnam*

I hope I've given some nice ideas to you all!!
Cheers (;;;

The All Natural Face eyeshadows swatches

Let's review The All Natural Face eyeshadows today!
PRICE: 3.50$ for a 5 grams jar

1. Chocolate Brown: warm brown (matte)
2. Cherry Bomb: burgundy brown with green shimmer
3. Pomegranate: brick red (matte)
4. Honey Peach: orangy goldeny peach (shimmer)
5. Just Peachy: beigy peachy golden (shimmer)
6. Gold Dust: rich shimmery gold
7. True Gold: light shimmery gold
8. Lemon Drop: lemony yellow (matte)
9. Angel Kissed Gold: light creamy shimmery gold 
10. The Tempest: shimmery purple  
11. Blue Ice Storm: silvery light blue (shimmer)
12. Midnight Purple:dusty purple (matte)  
13. Wispy Violet: light violet (matte)  
14. Spring: light sea turquoise (matte)  
15. Forest Nymph: dusty shimmery green 
16. Moss: musky green (matte) 
17. Midnight Black: greyish black (matte) 


Ok, first of all I've to say that I generally don't like the matte eyeshadows by this brand because they aren't pigmented enough, most of times difficult to blend and they don't apply evenly. Second thing to highlight is that the shimmery shades are really luminous colors with tiny shimmery particles, nothing exaggerate (I personally hate shimmery chunkies on my face!)
The ones I don't absolutely recommend are Chocolate Brown, Midnight Purple and Midnight Black, really low pay-off.  
The ones that I think it's worthwhile trying are Cherry Bomb and the various goldeny shades because they are wonderful (ok maybe you could just start with one or two, in that case I would recommend Honey Peach and True Gold), then I love Blue Ice Storm and Forest Nymph, two lovely shiny shades. 

Have a Peaceful Sunday!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gift Ideas 2011

When it comes to GIFTS, it's almost all about the good intention and the nicely personalized packaging, don't you agree?
In these days I've been surfing the net to find special and unique gift ideas, so I'm gonna share with you my finds in various posts, each focused on a single webpage. What have I been first looking for? All the brands I'm gonna talk about are cruelty-free and many are also actively committed to respect and protect the environment and people.
Today I'm gonna show you some gift ideas I found in Spirit Beauty Lounge which:
- Actively use his business as a tool for positive social change;
- Runs a "values-driven" enterprise that operates according to principles of social justice and environmental sustainability;
- It's socially and environmentally responsible in the way it sources, manufactures, and markets his products and runs his offices and factories; 
- It's committed to developing and employing extraordinary practices that benefit workers, customers, communities, and the environment.

Ok, let's get started!  (*-*)

Celebrate life! Alex and Ani's set of 5 Russian gold signature expandable bangles (2 beaded, 1 charm, 2 plain) features The Tree of Life, the universal symbol of life.
*Alex and Ani's mission is to create products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind and empower the spirit. Alex and Ani is a company dedicated to creating products of unparalleled quality and beauty that promote consciousness and unity. Alex and Ani jewelry is handcrafted from recycled metals and each piece is designed with an inherent symbolic value.*

Apples & Pears Calendula Lip Balm is a soothing blend of sweet yellow beeswax, organic calendula infused oil and sea buckthorn oil, to heal and protect dry lips. Essential oils of citrus fruit fight infection and give this balm a subtly zesty flavor. 
*Apples & Pears Apiaries is a small beekeeping business dedicated to making natural and organic skincare products from beeswax and honey.*

Everything hair needs to be naturally gorgeous, hydrated and shiny.Our exclusive set includes:
Rahua Shampoo
Rahua Conditioner
Rahua Finishing Treatment
Widu Elite Bubinga Wood Wooden Bristle Brush
(This is a lovely set, ideal for the princess of the house (:)

Tuberose and rum, united by three magnificent balms: Benjoin, Perou Balm and Tolu Balm (Peruvian Balsams).
Vamp a NY evokes an entire field of nature; all the beautiful balms, all the heady ones as well as all the fragile, and the extent of the voluptuous New York atmosphere.
Developed by master perfumier Olivia Giacobetti, the I LOVE NY collection from Honore des Pres encapsulates French Couture and New York's unmistakable atmosphere.
This unique, feminine scent comes in a quirky, collectible, New York coffee cup - their award-winning design.
*Honoré Des Prés fragrances are completely natural and certified organic by ECOCERT. They include no petrochemical products or synthetic perfumes, and are free of coloring agents and phthalates.*

(For those of you who never need to ask :D

The perfect way to get acquainted with Raaka's fresh flavor inventions. Sample packs include one of each of our four flavors, wrapped in beautiful papers and hand stamped. 
*Raaka sources cocoa beans from a Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified co-op organization of small farmers in the Dominican Republic. Raaka Chocolate's uniquely uses unroasted cocoa beans & a low temperature process to bring you delicious flavor that's closer to the bean. Raaka packaging is printed with soy inks on FSC-certified, 100% post-consumer recycled, chlorine free processed paper that was made from wind-generated energy. Raaka donates 2% of its profits annually to the World Cocoa Federation (WCF).*  
 (For Chocolate sweetness lovers and collectors)


This wonderful Skinnyskinny Gift Set comes in a small tree-less gift box made from sustainable wild-grass with Fair Labor, tied with an organic cotton bow. You'll get 10 bath salts and 6 bars of Skinnyskinny organic soap, each beautifully wrapped in 100% recycled and reclaimed materials!
*Brooklyn, NY based Skinny Skinny makes all of their organic soaps, organic bath salts and eco-friendly gifts in small batches in order to maintain their fanatically high-standards. Skinny Skinny practices top-to-bottom eco-friendly manufacturing. They are 100% carbon-neutral, they use only recycled, reclaimed, sustainable or biodegradable materials for all of their beautiful packaging and in 2008, won the award for Best Green Packaging from the HBA-IPDA for their Fair Trade, organic Soap Set.*

 (Incredibly lovely and chic packaging, I love it!!)

By now it's all...See you soon with the next ideas!
Take care...

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