Friday, December 9, 2011

Neve MakeUp Arcobaleni 'Elegantissimi' (review,swatches)

I'm gonna introduce the brand new palette by Neve Makeup.
It's called 'Elegantissimi' and it contains 10 neutral colors, perfect for an everyday use and for those who like being discreet and elegant in any occasions.
It costs 26.80 €, a pretty good price for the high quality of the eyeshadows. 
Every pan is 3 grams and the palette is 10cm X 23cm. 

 Let's see the various shades in detail:

- COCO: rich matte white
- ETOILE: light satin creamy white
- BUTTERFLY: matte peachy gold
- BONBON: matte light peachy salmon
- NOISETTE: soft satin brown 
- SMOKING: velvety greyish taupe
- PELUCHE: satin beigy bronzy brown
- CROISSANT: satin rusty brown
- ESPRESSO: matte blackened brown 
- BLACK SHEEP: deep matte black 


   Photo taken in daylight
(with no eyeshadow primer) 


  Photo taken using flash     (with no eyeshadow primer)

- Highly pigmented shades
- Apply evenly and blend well
- They can be used wet or dry
- The black and the white are really rich 
- The palette has a magnetic base, the pans are removable and replaceable so that you choose your own order and composition 
- Every shade is vegan and lipsafe 
- Formulated without silicons, petrolates and parabens

- There isn't an ashy matte shade, but that's not so relevant. 

Enjoy this Cold Friday, I'll see you soon.
Kali  (:

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  1. Gorgeous shades, this palette is on my wishlist :)


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