Saturday, December 17, 2011

Excessive Luxury?!

Surfing the web I found these incredible EXCESSES, let's just take a look!   

For those who just can't live without their favorite perfume, our EverAltruist Sephora gives the chance to buy a superbottle of the most famous fragrances...

2 636,50 € for a 900 ml bottle of Chanel N5, a big deal for tireless consumers isn't it?... 

...or 1 318 € for a 1.25 litres bottle of Alien! Woooow -.-'  

I mean guys, what's the point in buying pints of a perfume? Just do it if you have so many sisters or friends to share it with or you are a rich collector...if not just don't do it! For me a 50 ml bottle is enough for a whole year so I think that more or less would be the same amount for all of you human beings!!! 

Here we have the superfamous 'Crème de la Mer', the elixir that claims to recover and maintain young the inevitably aging skin of your face! 
For those who believe it, here they have a giant jar of their salvation to apply all over their body... $1650.00 for 16.5 oz... just a miracle to buy! 

I just would like to know your impressions about these luxurious gifts, would you like to receive them? 
Let me know, I'm curious about it... 

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