Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nuxe Teint Eclat Prodigieux

Today's subject is Nuxe's tinted moisturizer, which is claimed to deliver a healthy glow without the necessity to sunbath. Let's get straight to the point: is it effective? Yes/No. It is a non-greasy moisturizer that really gives an 'effet bonne mine', enhancing the healthy appearence of the skin. By the way it does a minimum job at evening out the skin tone, so if you have imperfections you might want not to use this alone. The ingredients are not so good considering that it is supposed to be a 'natural' product. 

It has a silicone base with way too many actives of natural origins (I mean when there is   such a variety of actives in one product, you can be sure there will be such a tiny quantity of each one that they'll barely be effective). 
I personally don't mind this moisturizer, just thanks to the healthy glow effect. I usually use it as a base before applying mineral foundation. I wouldn't spend 25 $ to repurchase it again because is not a fundamental step in my routine. 

By the way I have the shade number  01 which is a light rosey apricot, don't  get scared  if you have a warm undertone  because I do and this is a good shade for me. 
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