Monday, September 17, 2012

Battle of Cleansers

Lately I've been trying gentle cleansers formulated without any foaming agents, which simply clean skin thanks to their mechanical action. Below here I'm gonna review two of them, with two really different prices. 

Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream 

Its formula is based on different plant extracts and oils that enhance the exfoliating and soothing effect of the sweet almond seed meal. 
I find this cleanser to be too greasy and too rich for being supposed to simply cleanse the skin, so despite of being a relatively good product, I wouldn't recommend to spend 27$ for 1.7oz. 
Click here for more infos. 

The All Natural Face Lemon Wash

Despite of being an incredibly simple formula, just containing dried coconut milk and lemon peel, it does the dirty job greatly! Coconut will sooth and protect the skin while lemon will remove excess oil and lighten the skin, plus reducing breakouts. 
It has a fair price: 15$ for 2oz of dried product. 
Click here for more infos.

What about your favorite cleansers? Do you know what's their formula? 
Keep smiling! 

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