Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Quick Thoughts on Youtube Phenomenon

...What's Youtube and how should it be? Was it born to crown the modern freedom of thought or to pander the growing contemporary self-love? There is an astonishing gap between the newborn and the actual Youtube, between the shy people who played the role of pioneers of the free TV and the over-bearing and exaggeratedly self-confident stars of the web. People used to share their opinions, passions hoping to be listened to by someone, now they just wanna be viewed, here is the bitter transition from the content-based video and the appearence-based one, from the 10 minute of interesting challenging talks and the 3 minutes of the Full-HD content-free emblem of the 21st century. Here you have the facts, I don't wanna judge. Are we still able to genuinely interact with others or is everyone the centre of his own illusionary world?...  


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