Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Argiltubo by Argital

Let me introduce you this big boy who strongly got an essential role in my skincare routine. I've never looked for it, it just came to me, like real love :D 
I was given this as a present when I placed an order on IlGiardinoDeiLibri, otherwise I wouldn't probably ever purchased it since it has never called my attention. 

Voilà, I discovered a milestone. 
Argiltubo is a perfect clay mask, why? I have always had troubles with clays in general, since they have always dried my skin out, no matter which one I chose and how I mixed it. That's why I took the decision to avoid them completely. But this mask has a great formulation, since it manages to balance the skin, whatever type it is. Here is the complete INCI: 

Solum Fullonum - Aqua - Glycerin - Alcohol - Calendula Officinalis Extract- Equisetum Arvense Extract - Borago Officinalis Seed Oil - Lavandula Hybrida Oil- Xanthan Gum

Easy to decode, it is made of green clay, water, glycerin and some vegetal extracts, nothing more. Simple, yet wonderful. I told you many times: the simpler, the better. It smells fresh, it is a green paste easy to apply. I usually leave it only 3 minutes and it's enough. It manages to dry out possible pimples, leave the texture of the skin refined and smooth, it also leaves you with a rosey complexion, no jokes :) 
Thank you Argital for this amazing mask, I'll surely get into this brand to discover more wonders!

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