Thursday, December 26, 2013

HD Powder: Microsphères de Silice

Who doesn't know Make Up Forever HD Powder? What if I told you there is a cheaper perfectly identical version? 

I've never followed the trend, so I've never used Make Up Forever HD Powder, but I got a sample just to make sure of what I'm talking about. 
The famous powder is simply made of 100% Silica, like every other high definition setting powder. If you remember, longtime ago I talked about a vegetal version of Silica, which I really appreciated. But now Aroma-Zone came out with Microsphères de Silice, which is pure silica, so I had to give it a try. There is a huge difference between the two, probably due to the size of the particles: Bamboo Powder's ones have an average dimension of 50 microns, while 'Microsphères de Silice' only 5.
An enormous difference when we are talking about high definition. It's hard to believe MUFE's powder particles have further lower dimensions. 
Silica has the great power of absorbing excess oil, leaving the skin smooth and porcelain-like. Nevertheless I wouldn't recommend to use it pure, since it might dry out the skin, especially in colder months. In my case, I consider the mix of silica and rice powder simply perfect and cheap. 
Anyway if you really want an in-depth comparison between the renowned MUFE HD Powder and the humble Microsphères de Silice, I'll just try to experiment them in similar situations to see if there is any difference in results. 

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