Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Misleading Honzon

Image by Shankara

Money is your 'gohonzon'
yours is just a run towards the oblivion
hide your frustration behind a 36 teeth smile 
u are fallin' down in a putrid pool
keep dancing on a crackin' up floor
out of tune is your mind
how in tune can be your thoughts?
lie down under society footsteps
stay there until global rebirth
I'm lendin' u a hand
u prefer to clap ur hands
for the show of life
to show 'em u are alive.
live constantly in a Hell mood
intermingled with Ecstasy breaks
they make u say
yea I'm ok
be honest your life sucks
years passed to build your own castle
moments to see it's a heap of sparkling dust.

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