Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Avène Thermal Spring Water (Eau Thermale)

'Unique composition [Water?!] soothes and softens the skin and restores skin's natural balance. Clinically proven by over 300 studies to calm, soothe and soften the skin. Used since 1743 in the Hydrotherapy Center to treat serious dermatological conditions such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema' 
This is simple fresh water, right? Yes, it is surely a good quality water, but it is just water bottled with a nice atomizer. The real protagonist of this case is actually the atomizer, the co-protagonist is the bottle and the french water is sadly a secondary actress. Why am I so severe with this product? Because the principal benefits of it come from the good atomizer and the aluminum bottle that preserve the water pleasantly fresh. That's all. And if it's real that this water is miraculous, shall I remind you that water should be public and you shouldn't be asked for 16$ to have 300ml of it? 


Saturday, July 28, 2012

#11 Aphorism of the week: Life

You have abandoned all the great, pure, calm oceans of water and clung to only one bubble which you regard as the whole body of water in all the hundreds of thousands of seas. 
Surangama Sutra 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nuxe Rève de Miel Lip Balm

Rève de Miel is one of the must haves for every person that needs extra hydration and moisture for his lips, it's great. It's not completely natural, it contains a good part of silicons, by the way it does its job perfectly. Moreover it is not expensive at all, 10$ for 15 grams of product, a very good deal. 
Like always, I'd love to highlight the Key Ingredients, so that if you wanna try to make it at home, you'll already know which are the essential ones. 

- BEESWAX: film-forming factor, it protects lips from extreme conditions 
- VEGETABLE OILS/BUTTERS: rich moisturising ingredients 
- SILICONS: approximately they have the same function of waxes, so I wonder why Mr Nuxe chose to make a mixing of both instead of leaving the product fully natural. I came to two conclusions: 
1- silicons are cheaper so they've been introduced to reduce costs. 
2- this lip balm has an incredible staying power, so I guess silicons make the whole formula cling to the lips longer. 
- HONEY: well known soothing ingredient 
- CALENDULA EXTRACT: calms irritations, anti-inflammatory effect 
- ALLANTOIN: hydrating and soothing ingredient 
- TOCOPHERYL ACETATE/TOCOPHEROL: vitamin E, antioxidants. 

I have to admit that this is a really complete formula, that's why it works so well! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

L'Occitane Verbena Body Salt Scrub

I've received this 'luxurious' body scrub as a gift, sincerely I wouldn't ever spent so much money on a simple body scrub. 
Actually this has been a pleasant surprise for me, because the product is really good, it gently exfoliates the skin and leaves it smooth and refreshed. Despite of its quality, I woudn't ever recommend to spend 36$ on an easily-preparable-at-home beauty product. 

So I've taken a look at the ingredients to highlight for you the key ones: 
- SODIUM CHLORIDE: common salt, exfoliating agent 
- VEGETABLE OILS: moisturising, nourishing and protecting effect
- TOCOPHEROL: vitamine E, antioxidant action 
- VERBENA ESSENTIAL OIL: mainly used for its refreshing smelling and anti-inflammatory action 
- ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL: anti-cellulitis and draining effect. 

As you can see, it wouldn't be difficult nor expensive to recreate this high-end scrub! ;)


Thursday, July 19, 2012

#10 Aphorism of the week: Perception

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. 
William Blake

Monday, July 16, 2012

Face Cleansing Brushes

Why do I believe face brushes are the best way for keeping your skin healthy? The answer is so simple, bristles remove dirt. That's all. Dirt is the main cause for problematic, dull, blemished skin. You don't need tons of claimed cleansers and scrubs because you may achieve the same result with a simple and cheap face brush mechanical power. It will remove impurities, your skin texture will improve and freshly newborn cells will take place of dead ones. You could find average face brushes everywhere, just make sure the bristles are soft because you don't want to torture your face right?! If you are very exigent, you might desire the famous Clarisonic one and I'm gonna tell you that you are not gonna be disappointed because thanks to the rotational movement it does the job better and quicker than your human hand could ever do!  

Kali  (^-^)o 

Friday, July 13, 2012

#9 Aphorism of the week: Knowledge

All knowledge is metaphorical, even our most basic sensory perceptions of the world around us can be thought of as an explanatory story created by the brain. 
Andrew Newberg and Eugene D'Aquili

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Why do I like ELF? As many other girls around the globe, I appreciate this 
brand because its products have a good quality at a pretty low price, so I'll give it a well deserved 10. Moreover I have to say that I love the fact that it is an officially Cruelty Free brand, so in this case my rating will rise to 10+!  (: 

My favorites, real favorites, that I've been enjoying for years, are: 
- Bamboo Powder Brush, so big and soft, ideal for buffing finishing powder or bronzer all over the face 
- Kabuki Brush, even softer than its previously cited cousin, I usually use it for applying mineral foundation (for a light coverage) or finishing powder 
- Lip Stains, wonderful product for a wonderful value, it isn't drying at all, the colours are rich and the staying power is really impressive, I love them! 
- Waterproof Eyeliner Pens, very quick option for lining your eyes in a 'blink' time, the nib is thin enough to realize a subtle eye line (the only downside is that they usually get dry quickly).

And what about your own favorites? 
Kali ;)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

#8 Aphorism of the week: Science

The best that Science can give us is a metaphorical picture of what's real and, while the picture may make sense, it isn't necessarily true. In this case, Science is a type of mythology, a collection of explanatory stories that resolve the mysteries of existence and help us cope with the challenges of life. 
Andrew Newberg and Eugene D'Aquili

Sunday, July 1, 2012

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