Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nuxe Rève de Miel Lip Balm

Rève de Miel is one of the must haves for every person that needs extra hydration and moisture for his lips, it's great. It's not completely natural, it contains a good part of silicons, by the way it does its job perfectly. Moreover it is not expensive at all, 10$ for 15 grams of product, a very good deal. 
Like always, I'd love to highlight the Key Ingredients, so that if you wanna try to make it at home, you'll already know which are the essential ones. 

- BEESWAX: film-forming factor, it protects lips from extreme conditions 
- VEGETABLE OILS/BUTTERS: rich moisturising ingredients 
- SILICONS: approximately they have the same function of waxes, so I wonder why Mr Nuxe chose to make a mixing of both instead of leaving the product fully natural. I came to two conclusions: 
1- silicons are cheaper so they've been introduced to reduce costs. 
2- this lip balm has an incredible staying power, so I guess silicons make the whole formula cling to the lips longer. 
- HONEY: well known soothing ingredient 
- CALENDULA EXTRACT: calms irritations, anti-inflammatory effect 
- ALLANTOIN: hydrating and soothing ingredient 
- TOCOPHERYL ACETATE/TOCOPHEROL: vitamin E, antioxidants. 

I have to admit that this is a really complete formula, that's why it works so well! 

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