Monday, July 16, 2012

Face Cleansing Brushes

Why do I believe face brushes are the best way for keeping your skin healthy? The answer is so simple, bristles remove dirt. That's all. Dirt is the main cause for problematic, dull, blemished skin. You don't need tons of claimed cleansers and scrubs because you may achieve the same result with a simple and cheap face brush mechanical power. It will remove impurities, your skin texture will improve and freshly newborn cells will take place of dead ones. You could find average face brushes everywhere, just make sure the bristles are soft because you don't want to torture your face right?! If you are very exigent, you might desire the famous Clarisonic one and I'm gonna tell you that you are not gonna be disappointed because thanks to the rotational movement it does the job better and quicker than your human hand could ever do!  

Kali  (^-^)o 

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