Thursday, January 5, 2012

DIY Facial Mask's Key Ingredients

Everyone knows how to make a simple homemade facial mask, right? 
But does everyone know what kind of ingredients are essential in a well-done mask and what are their functions? If you don't, just read below, it will take a couple of minutes! 

- CLAY: the richest in actifs is the green     one but it's known that it could be too aggressive used alone, I would recommend Kaolin (the white one) for every skin type or the yellow one, useful for acneic and oily skin without drying the skin out too much. 
- FLOURS AND STARCHES: effective in softening the skin and give a better glow. 
- BITTER COCOA DUST: great softening effect and add a bit of radiance to the skin. 

- YOGURT: the key ingredient to re-equilibrate the PH of the skin but also to amazingly soften it out 
- EGG: it helps regenerate skin cells 
- HONEY: very moisturizing (don't use a biological one because it's too concentrate and it could irritate your skin) 
- ESSENTIAL OILS: add 3 drops of the essential oil that matches the requirements of your skin type. 

And then add what you want! Now that you have prepared with your own hands your beauty treatment, apply it on your face avoiding the eyes area. You can leave it up to 30 minutes, but REMEMBER: as soon as the mask starts to dry, remove it (gently!!) because it could be irritating and dry out your skin. 

Let's have a good mask time ;) 


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