Monday, January 9, 2012

Cruelty Free Natural Brushes?!

Today's post is gonna be a lil hard against the so called 'Make-Up Addicted'. 
Maybe you are against animal testing and even vegetarian? Would you cry if you saw a cruelly slowly killed pet? Ok, I'm talking to you, please be realistic. Have you got any make up brushes, right? Maybe they have been sold to you as natural bristles brushes and you, following the actual trend of 'natural lifestyle' and hidden in your ignorance, have bought them happily. Ok, you perfectly know they are made with animals' hairs (goat, squirrel, pony, mink, sable, etc..) but you prefer not to think on HOW they have been removed from the poor 'beasts' and you even could consider the hypothesis that in some kind of unknown place an hairstylist for animals exists too, he makes them feel beautiful and, with their hairs cut, someone will create make up brushes to make you feel gorgeous too. Yea darling, this is a dream. 
I don't exclude that some lovely breeders treat their 'beasts' as if they were their family but I'm afraid these are a rare exception. The reality is that breeders, eager of making money, remove animals' hair in bad ways to make it faster, but surely I'm not gonna describe it in detail right now because it would be a too strong image.  

So...What's the point in buying Natural Bristles Make Up Brushes? Are they better than synthetic brushes? Are they cheaper? Are they more hygienic? 
NO. NO. NO. I'm sorry there is no excuse. Nowadays many famous make up brands are realizing their own synthetic brushes line and these 'guys' are phenomenal and most of times cheaper. Moreover we all know that natural brushes are not hygienic at all, they're loaded with dead skin cells, bacteria, chemicals that can cause your skin to break out.  

Here I'll give you some ideas for buying synthetic brushes:,shop.browse/category_id,16/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,1/ 

Ok, ain't got anything else to say right now. 


  1. Io possego pochi pennelli, e alcuni sono di origine animale... solo da poco tempo però ho appreso il concetto di cruelty free, ecc.. e me ne rammarico.. i pennelli funzionano esattamente come quelli sintetici.. non hanno nulla di diverso.. a parte il prezzo.. caro!


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