Thursday, January 26, 2012

Argan Oil (Argania spinosa)

Used for centuries by Moroccan Women for his culinary and cosmetic properties, only recently it has been discovered in western countries for his great anti-age properties. 
It contains more than 75% of unsaturated fatty acids and it's rich in vitamin E, hence it is an incredible antioxidant and regenerating agent for our skin. 

- softening and firming effects 
- antioxidant and anti-age (fights effectively against age signs) 
- extremely nourishing (effective for 'erasing' acne scars, scorch marks, stretch marks,..) 
- protects your skin against extreme climatic conditions 
- strenghtens up fragile nails 
- donates shine to dry and damaged hair. 

Now, we all know it isn't the cheapest oil on the market and I'd recommend to buy it from someone you can really trust, Why? Because argan oil is extracted from Argania Spinosa fruits and goats love them, so what happens then? Goats ingest them and 24 hours later they literally vomit the cores, hence an oil extracted from these nuts would be clearly of a cheapest quality and argan properties and smell would be definetely altered. That's why it's important to use an oil that has been produced properly using whole fruits, an incontestable guarantee they haven't been previously eaten by goats. 

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