Saturday, January 14, 2012

DIY Toner

Why should I use a toner? This is one of the most asked question when it comes to skin. 
Well, when you wash your face, you normally use a soap bar, a liquid soap, a facial cleanser (whatever...) and these products have a Basic PH, so you should use a toner (which has an acid Ph) to rebalance the Ph of your skin; moreover it manages to remove make up and dirt residues.

Could I prepare a good toner at home? Yes, yes definetely! 
How? There are so many ways, but I'm gonna consider just the simplest using ingredients that can be found in every kitchen. 
- Lemon Juice or Apple Vinegar to acidify 
- Tea or Camomile as a base 
- Actives. 

Prepare your tea (green tea would be the ideal choice for its antioxidant and astringent properties) or camomile (a better solution for sensitive and irritated skins), then add a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar (if you have oily skin you could add a coffee spoon of it and also one of Vodka that increases the purifying power of the toner and helps to preserve it for a longer time). Now you might had anything good for your skin type, a few drops of essential oils, a coffee spoon of kaolin or clay, glycerin, be free and fanciful! IMPORTANT: since you are not using any preservative, you'd better use it within 1 or 2 weeks, better if you keep it in the fridge (a fantastic refreshing breeze in summer! (:) 

I hope this was helpful, like always ;) 
Big smile, 

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