Monday, February 11, 2013

Neve Cosmetics Pastelli


I'm so glad to introduce these new lip pencils by Nevecosmetics because they are super... let me tell you the reasons why. First of all they are 100% natural (actually they also have a vegan formula), they come in a variety of colors suitable for all tastes and skin tones, last but not least they are creamy enough to go smoothly and dry enough to last hours. They are simply a great discover. The only pencil I didn't like was Perfettina which is meant to be a lip contouring, one of those pencils used to line the lips in order to keep the lipstick safe from smudging. It's not the fact that it doesn't work, it's just the color that is not for me, it is a creamy beige, way to dark to suit my skintone, so the result on me is horrible :/. 
These Pastelli are so easy to apply and they have a comfortable texture, what about the lasting power? Well, they can last for hours, but since they are not lip tints (and don't contain synthetic ingedients) they are not gonna last the whole day. This actually isn't a problem for my necessities. Ok, I'll leave you with the swatches, the first photo is with flash the second is with sunlight.

(in the first one I applied Perfettina to line the lips, as you can see the color doesn't match my skin tone!) 















That's all! 
Have a nice day (: 


  1. Your swatches are really well-made! I've just purchased the lip pencil Ballerina from Neve web site ;)

    I am an italian beauty blogger, here is the link to my web site if you wanna come round (on the right you can find the translation button)!

    Kisses from Italy xx

  2. Thanks Amaltea! Let's keep in touch! :)


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