Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Natural Beauty Wishlist (^-^)

This month's pick is something that just came out and hit my attention! 
Yes, Nevecosmetics lately has been making deliciously good quality products and this time added also an extremely appealing look...Wow very nice job! 
For those wondering, I'm talking about the super new brush set, for these days only at almost half a price! 
The set includes 12 synthetic (obviously) brushes plus a faux-leather brush roll. 
As you can see they are so colored, so funny and they really look professional with high quality bristles. 
If you are trying to build a good quality basic set this is a wonderful choice, so go for it! If you already have tons of brushes, then just try to focus on what you really need and which ones are worth for your needs, don't buy things just because they look cute! ;) 
Regarding the cost, I think the sale price (79€) is fair for what you are getting, since you are paying 6/7 euros each brush, I think this is a pretty good deal. What about buying them at the retail price (143€)? I've never  spent all that money on brushes, so I don't think I would this time! 
All this monoloque means that I've got 5 days (ending of the offer) to decide if making this cute-candiful present to myself or let it go! :) 

Who knows what my crazy head will decide this time! 

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