Monday, July 29, 2013

Who is Jesse Jessen?


Jesse Jessen is a self-taught musician, virtuous guitarist, singer and actor. Actually after listening to his tracks (entirely played -including guitar, bass, drums, piano-, sung, recorded and arranged by himself), you will be probably thinking 'how's possible that he has not received a formal music education?'. Well, hands down it is. Do you want me to amaze you even more? All his music is recorded at home with the most basic equipment possible (a laptop and a medium-range 'Cakewalk by Roland' USB Audio Capture), besides every song has been composed, recorded and produced in one single day. No joke. This is what makes this guy so inspiring and noteworthy. No, that's not all. He has shown to be able to create songs from Jazz to R&B and Hip-Hop, from Blues to Progressive Rock, he never stops, he simply lets his imagination run free. He seems not to have limits, he has got technique and creativity, talent and an exquisite taste. Jesse is a visionary musician, a colorful spirit that's gradually turning from a graceful smart wise man into a Guru. Every track has its own personality, shade, life. It could appear impossible that such a variety of sounds and styles comes from the soul of a single person, but as I told you it is the unequivocal truth. He is a geminis, he can easily range from the sweetness of 'Forever yours' or 'More than this' to the gloomy Jazz Blues fusion atmosphere of 'Darkest Place' and the emotional rock intensity of 'Alone'. One thing is clear, Jesse's music is never boring and always conveys deep feelings and sensations to the listener. Good feelings intermingled with bad ones, because life is like that and he hides nothing, he is straight and clear like his music. 

Here I'll leave you the links to his delightful music:  


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  1. Sorry, but this guy is an squizofrenic homeless, who is leaving at Mallorca airport in spain


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