Thursday, July 11, 2013

A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil


Ok I've been a dumb again, but I had to try it! A'kin Rosehip Oil has so many good reviews on the web that I told myself 'maybe it's worth to try it out!' and I did. Let me tell you just one thing, this bottle just contains 23ml of simple rosehip oil, nothing else. I thought that perhaps the quality of the oil could have been notable, but you can't really tell. At least is it good? Yes, like every pure rosehip oil that I've tried, as I said in the past is one of my favorite multipurpose vegetal oils. By the way I wouldn't recommend to buy this, because you could find the same quality at a cheaper price. For example Aroma-Zone's one costs 11.50€ for 100 ml against more than 15€ for 23ml of A'kin's one. There is no comparison, I'm sorry, when it comes to good value for money, Aroma-Zone wins hands down!  ;) 



  1. I might give this one a try! My friends are all over this and they love the result. Their moisture in their skin makes their skin color so radiant.

  2. I really would recommend to try Aroma-Zone's one, it's cheaper and equally effective.


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