Saturday, December 3, 2011

Best Mineral Foundation 2011

Today I'm gonna talk about the best Mineral (pure mineral) foundation 
I've tried lately. It's by an american brand  that offers a huge range of shades, from the lightest (I mean almost white) to dark ones (I wouldn't say darkest). 
Why do I like this foundation more than others?


1- It's completely mineral 
2- It has a really nice texture and it blends perfectly on your skin 
3- It has a medium coverage, really good for a mineral foundation 
4- It comes in 50 different shades so it will be easy to find your perfect match if you have a light or medium skintone, I wouldn't say the same for dark ones
5- The seller offers the possibility to try all the foundation shades in your range (pale to medium or medium to dark) for just 4$, you'll receive approximately 20 samples to find out which is your best match.
6- Despite of the great range of shades, if you just can't find the perfect one, the seller will create one just for you. For example in winter I use the shade 'Light Beige Warm' that shows up a lil bit too light in summer so that I've asked for a 10 grams jar, 2/3 Light Beige Warm and 1/3 Light Beige Warmer..... et voilá ;)
7- The price is 6$ for a 10 grams jar, pretty cheap, isn't it?! 
8- One day I decided to wear this foundation, just adding a light coat of mascara and a natural blush. My boyfriend told me: 'Oh can't you see how beautiful and luminous is your skin when you don't wear make up??' ... a further proof that this is a really nice choice if you don't like wearing heavy make up :) 

Have a wonderful saturday night *-*

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