Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Harmony Feeling

 Can you see the intruder?! º_º 
It has been a wonderful fall sunny day... I love fall, it always succeeds in surprising me. 
One day you find yourself struggling against a storm and the frozen wind, everything appears in black and white, your feelings too. The following day the sun kisses you with his sweet pleasant heat and everything gets back in harmony. For this warm afternoon I decided to wear a warm light gray sweater with a beige vest on top. I carried with me a checked blazer whose pattern and colors match with these extremely comfortable and warm boots. Talking about the accessories, I wore a pair of vintage-look sunglasses with a nude frame, a big nude-coloured scarf and a tobacco leatherette bag. Ah and this amazing ancient ring, simply lovely.  

                                 Sweater by Nuna Lie
                                 Vest by Market
                                 Jeans by H&M
                                 Boots by Mallorca store
                                 Blazer by H&M
                                 Bag by H&M
                                 Scarf by Oviesse
                                 Sunglasses by Asos

I hope you like it (^_^') 
Have a super wonderful day.

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