Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mineral Eyeshadows/Eyeliners swatches

Here I introduce to you a smart mineral eyeshadows palette, her name is :) 'Arcobaleni, Gli Scurissimi' by NeveCosmetics
It contains 10 mineral eyeshadows free from silicons, petrolates and parabens. They can be used as normal dry or wet eyeshadows and eyeliners. 
Each pan contains 3g of product, which are removable and changeable.  
Price: 26.80 €   

Warm grey with purpleish undertones

2-Fiori d'Ombra
Shimmery antique purple

Dark purple with warm undertone
Dark blue with a cold purple undertone
Sea blue with green undertone

Neutral blueish dark grey 
Dark emerald green
Elegant bronzy green
Chocolate brown (satin) [lipsafe]
10-Red Carpet
Warm dark red (matte) [lipsafe]


Would I buy it again? I'd definetely repurchase some of these pans, the price for a single one is 4.20€. 
The ones that I don't like that much are Incubo (it's not as pigmented as his camrades!) and Shopping (I hate a warm purple eyeshadow on me!). 
My Top 3 are: Retro', Fiori d'ombra and Inchiostro. 
Tattoo, Shock and Inchiostro are wonderful eyeliners. 
Red Carpet is a luxury deep red lipcolor!    

Lots of kiss's and good wish's for the New Year!! 

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