Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Nail Polishes 2011

 Hi Beauties :)
Today I'm gonna introduce my favorite 2011 Nail Polishes, they are by Pupa an italian make up brand.
These have been my on the go nail polishes for all the year long, so I want to share with you my impressions.
The cost varies depending on where you buy them, but more or less it's 5 euros for 5ml of product, not cheap, not expensive, but it's worthwhile.

1- There is a nice range of colors to choose from
2- They apply really nicely and usually one coat is enough for the color to show up greatly
3- They dry pretty quickly
3- The result is glossy, you might like it or not, I personally love it
4- They last pretty long. Without any base or top coat, washing the dishes twice a day :D , it can last up to 4 days without any damages
 5- Last but not least, the packaging is so cute :)
CONS: None, until now. 

My 2011 favorite ones are: 
- 710: a dirty mud beigy green (I know the description doesn't sound great but it's a super nice and casual everyday color) 
- 200: a supernatural light candy pink, ideal for a chic and impeccable look. 
- 704: an intense deep black 

Have a Dreaming Night  *-* 

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