Thursday, December 8, 2011

Best (and Cheapest!) Face Powder 2011

Have you ever tried to realize your own face powder without having to spend money on purchasing it? I did and here is what I think about it. I discovered this French webpage , full of raw materials to create your own cosmetics and make up. I admit I just tried to create a few basic things, first because I'm some kinf of a chronic lazy, second because I don't trust my 'creating cosmetics abilities' enough to prepare my creams or eyeshadow palettes, even if it would be funny...maybe one day!

I found that my perfect mix to create a mattifying powder is 90% of Rice Powder and 10% of Bambusa Stem Powder (the vegetal equivalent of Silica, main ingredient found in HD powders which could clog pores) et voilá!! This is my everyday face powder, lovely.

The cost??
 A 100g bag of Rice Powder is €3.50 
 A 10g jar of Bambusa Powder is €2.50  
If you think that most of Face Powders comes in 5 or 10 grams jars...this is a big deal! 

I'm not trying to convert anyone to homemade cosmetics, I'm just saying 'Give it a chance, you maybe spent much more money on high end powders that disappointed you, so why shouldn't you try a very cheap and good alternative made with your own hands using raw materials?' 

Have a Green Night ^-^

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