Friday, December 23, 2011

The Best Cheap Concealer 2011

the undereye concealer that followed me during the whole 2011 has been the Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter by ELF
I always have problems when it comes to undereye concealing because I've a really reactive-sensitive-dry eye area. But this little guy works so well for me, I've got the fair one, 
a perfect match for my skintone. On the other side of the tube we have an highlighter, a nice shimmery pearly white-based shade even though I don't use it so often because I prefer highlighters that don't contain shimmery particles. 

Price: 4 € or 3 $ in the USA
Weight: 5 + 5 grams 

- A really light formula that applies easily 
- An illuminating effect, great for the undereye area 
- 5 grams of product that will last you for a long time 
- A relatively cheap price 
- The tube is so uncomfortable, moreover there was a loss of product in the middle so that I had to transfer the product in 2 jars 
- If you have really deep and dark undereye circles I don't think this is gonna be enough because of the very light and liquid formula. 

See you next time! 
Byeee  (: 

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  1. Looks lovely! I've tried elf products in the past, and while I wasn't happy with everything, I get super excited when I found something that works :)


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