Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This summer fight against Cellulite naturally!

Photo by PRWEB

I've been trying two famous natural 'Cellulite-fighters' and I'm gonna share with you my thoughts!  
Just before starting, let me leave you a quick coincise reminder: what really fights against cellulite and water retention is a healthy lifestyle, not just a simple cream! 
Once you've found your way to be healthy and fit, then you might think about getting an 'external treatment' to reduce unaesthetic signs!  
I personally chose an oil based treatment by Khadi (to focus on the massaging part of the job) and a light cream by Aroma-Zone. 

Khadi's 10 Herbs Cellulite Oil is an amazing blend of vegetal oils and extracts with an evident abundance of essential oils. This guy has a divine smell :D, but watch out: if you are used to typical commercial creams, it could result disgusting or too strong to your nostrils! I personally adore it, it is a beautiful warm gingery scent, so reassuring and enveloping! 
Since it is an oil, it is meant to be massaged on the skin for 5-10 minutes, better before going to sleep so that it can work all night long. If you are a lazy person, you could just add a bit of it to your body lotion so that it will be more easily absorbed and you won't be 'forced' to spend minutes massaging it. 
If you are lucky, you could find someone that's willing to give you a massage, then it could be a great experience (it has an aphrodisiac scent in my opinion! :) 
Is it effective? It might contribute to deflate legs, to smooth out the skin and to pep you up! I just can't say it helps removing cellulite, since a few weeks are not enough to tell it.  

Aroma-Zone Emul-gel is a more practical treatment, since it can be applied before getting dressed without any problem. It has a really nice dispenser and a citrusy smell, that's lovely. It is a pink creamy gel, easily absorbed, so it isn't a good choice for a deep massage, but it is a great adjuvant during your slimming period. Is it effective? It hydrates, it smoothes out the skin, but I've not noticed yet results for water retention and cellulite. It still remains a nice everyday 'from-tummy-to-toes' cream, moreover it has a bunch of effective ingredients so I'm convinced that on the long term it could give satisfactions and visible results. 

I'll leave you with the image of their INCIs and if you have any questions, just let me know! (: 



  1. me too, I love ayurvedic cosmetics! :)

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