Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Colorful Summer by Maisons du Monde

Do you already know Maisons du Monde? It is a french brand, selling furniture and decorations for your home and delighful stuff for your life. I've decided to dedicate some time and fantasy to create my compositions, just to share them with you. 
Today I want to introduce the gorgeous selection of outdoor furnishings they offer for summer, I fell in love with a lot of them, but this is my final composition, I want this summer to be carefree and joyful, so here we go! 

- Floor cushions: big water-resistant cushions, ideal for a relaxing time in the garden, next to the pool or at the beach...ideal for children! They are available in yellow, orange, green, blue and pink, a simply lovely splash of color! 
- Mary metal table and chairs: a classy and coquette solution for young girls and romantic women, also ideal for furnishing a pastry shop! 
- USB fan: such a nice small object to take everywhere with you to refresh your spirit :) I have one of those and I couldn't even imagine it turned to be so powerful in its smallness! 

I must admit I love the creativity that this brand shows from the tiniest things to the biggest furniture. Being a decorator using their stuff would be so funny and a continuous pleasure, you'd never risk to be banal and fall in common places. 


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