Monday, June 17, 2013

Jordan Jay Fly


Two weeks ago I was going to the supermarket by foot with my boyfriend when he suddenly told me there was a bird on the side of the street. We immediately realized he fell down from his nest which was built on the top of a 3 meters high pillar. He was scared and nervious, moreover he was trembling. We took an empty box and after several minutes of attempts we managed to catch him and brought him at home. We called the animals' first aid but it took a couple of hours before they finally came. We gave him a blanket and placed him next to a heater, he was finally relaxed and feeling protected, I know that. I stared at him and wondered how such a small creature managed not to die after such a fall, he is a hero :) ...
I eventually gave him a name (I had no clue if it was a male or a female but I was sure he was my little boy!)... he is Jordan J. Fly and I know right now he is already flying high (: 
I was a little disappointed when I called the veterinary clinic and they told me it would have been impossible for them to tell me which one was my little boy because they save tens of birds daily. Never mind, I don't need to be told he has recovered because I saw in his eyes when we greeted that we were gonna meet again. 

Jordan J. Fly, keep on flying high! 
I love you... ;) 

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  1. Wow! That is so kind of you.

    University of Nigeria


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