Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ELFavourite Lipsticks!

I lately got two pretty new mineral lipsticks from ELF, since I've always appreciated the quality of them. I made a review long time ago, well my opinion about these is still the same, they have a perfect INCI, they have a gorgeous colour range, the only downside is that they last so little, but that has never been a super problem for me (just keep in mind if you intend to buy them). Ok, I purchased again two reddish shades because I think they best suit my 'face colours', my hair and my personality! :)
I'll leave you with the swatches, but before let me just shortly describe the shades I chose: 
- Rich Raspberry: a plummy rose, with a sheer finish 
- Barely Bitten: a strawberry red with tiny golden orangey particles, also sheer. 

From left: Barely Bitten, Rich Raspberry. (Swatches with Flash)
From left: Barely Bitten, Rich Raspberry. (Swatches with natural light)
Rich Raspberry with Flash
Rich Raspberry with natural light
Barely Bitten with Falsh
Barely Bitten with natural light

As you can see the difference between the two shades is barely visible once applied on the lips, I just can say that Barely Bitten gives a pretty orangey strawberry light, while Rich Raspberry is more of a serious, working-time-shade. 

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