Monday, May 14, 2012

Art in a Showcase

The purpose of this article is not only reminding the parameters and 
goals to keep in mind during the realization of a showcase because you 
probably already know them. Certainly it's necessary to highlight the 
importance of creating the right balance between the commercial aim, 
for which showcases are simply a promotional element for selling 
products, and the artistic aim which considers windows as purely 
aesthetic elements meant to highlight the quality and beauty of products. 
The difference between the two aims is evident, since in the first case 
the economical aspect and profits prevail (typical of shops with 
affordable prices, where they tend to sacrifice the aestethic aspect in 
order to show as many items as possible). In the second case they 
prefer to point out the artistic aspect (there will be certainly a 
bigger budget) to underline the fame of a certain brand by impressing 
the peaton with unicity and originality. 
As a general rule the previous aims should coexist in the same showcase 
in order to create that essential balance for building up a 'fidelity' 
between the seller and the customer. Nowadays unfortunately the 
artistic matter has been almost forgotten by the majority of sellers 
because of the impellent need of incrementing purchases, so you might 
spontaneously wonder if the cause of this unbalance is the actual 
economical crisis, but this supposition might be a reason of discussion 
so we'll leave it there for another occasion. By now we could just talk of 
'creative crisis', since generally speaking there is not a great difference 
among the various shops'showcases where the banality and the 'already 
seen' reign. This is even more clear when we look at those showcases 
in which they follow a standarized model without adding that personal 
touch imprescindibile to affirm their own vision of fashion and style. 
I'd like to make clear that the decoration of a showcase is a form 
of art and the window-dresser first should be an artist, that's why 
I'd like to compare him to a musician or a painter: what would 
happen if someone forced them to follow a default scheme so that they 
couldn't express their own feelings and their own 'Myself'? 
First of all art is freedom and freedom is risk. Who is not ready to risk 
can't affirm he's an artist, neither he is free for real. 
So a window dresser sould be allowed to express his own 
view of fashion and decoration, after giving him the general 
concept the shop owner wants to communicate. 
It's worthwhile to contact a professional window-dresser since 
showcases have an incredible attractive strenght. Just imagine that 
in a medium town (100000/150000 citizens) 20000 people every day might pass next to your shop , that's why the effectiveness of the shop windows 
compared to the realization cost is very high. 
Finally I'm gonna address an appeal to the shop owners: rely upon 
a professional decorator who could transform your showcase into 
an unique piece thanks to his originality,creativity which will 
distinguish your shop from others attracting the attention and desire 
of new potencial customers. 
Also remember that in many occasions a single word changed is enough to 
give a different meaning to a whole sentence. 
Good Luck.   


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