Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Benecos Eyebrow-Designer

Let me introduce you my trustworthy Benecos Eyebrow Pencil. She is a humble maiden, she does what she is supposed to do and she does it with class ;) 

Gentle Brown (left), Brown (right)

It's a very simple eyebrow filler, it has a quite dry consistence, so it's not one of those waxy cakey pencils. You can be a waxy type or a dry one, I'm the latter, it's a matter of taste :) 
It's a perfect everyday companion to finely define your eyebrows, it has a natural formula (and vegan!) and it's extremely cheap, I would buy it again and again. Benecos is a fair brand, that's why I appreciate it. 
There are two shades: Brown, which is a cold dark brown (the one I use) and Gentle Brown, which is a lighter warm brown. Ok, a light taupe shade for blondies clearly misses, but they will probably come out with that too in the future! ;) 

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