Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stream of Consciousness: Silent Home

Image by JohnnyCirucci

Dream big shut the world outside me in jail with you it's yours not mine music nourish soul pain for heart go away waterfall of tears you and me no way out shame ambition go so far can't see beauty of the now scratches in our lives golden future pitch black present is it fair. 
Dreamt of peace contamined by million dollars expectations let me wipe my as* time is not real my now is slaps and kicks for waking up a dormant maid go to hell and pay for aid no us remained just you and me far and away.
Evil glance dirty words wicked wishes a candid flower in exchange no regrets no blames no bitterness two pairs of wet eyes and broken legs beating time biting slime.
Werewolf stuck in moonlight drooling jaws blank stare at sore newborn come back conscious lifeless exhaustion lying in deathbed still trying to fix your aching soul knife in grass red moon sweet lullaby reborn again chew madness fancy lies daytime dreams unconsciousness explodes neurosis can nomore. 
Stars still shine swim in tender womb no past no future just home 
Sweet dreams wake up as you used to be.

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