Tuesday, July 15, 2014

GreeNatural Deodorant

Here is one of the newbies in the deodorant world I wanted to talk about: GreeNatural Spray Deodorant :)

As I made it clear a few times, I usually tend not to use deodorants with potassium alum on a daily basis because, despite of being safe, they block transpiration. I'd recommend then to use this kind of deodorants when you foresee a tough long day out ;) 
I have tried the Talc scented one, which is such a lovely smell, so delicate and cuddling :) I find it perfect for the cold season, in summer I think it is too much of a warm scent (I don't know if you get the point!) 
I also tried the Sea Breeze version, since I thought it would have been the perfect fresh scented deodorant for summer, but it turned out to be an obvious manly scent, so I haven't really appreciated it. I'd love to be able to describe it, but it's so hard, I mean it smells balsamic, some kind of eucalyptus mixed with pine :D 
By the way, GreeNatural is a Sir Deodorant. Simple, effective and cheap. I recommend it with my eyes closed!

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