Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Grrreen Gift Ideas! (Part1)

Are you desperately looking for a gift for your Eco-friend? I'll try to give you some ideas I found around the web!  :) 
Today I'll focus on, a very nice german online store offering a variety of natural cosmetic products by cruelty free brands. 
Let's get started! 

Farfalla Festive Gemstone Oil collection 
A Christmassy box containing 7 of Farfalla's oil blends, 
a pretty gift for mums and grandmas (yea and mothers-in-law too!) 

Crazy Rumors Brew Spice Collection 
A super pretty and original box containing 4 lip balms with unusual funny flavors (Apple Spice, Peppermint Lemongrass, Spiced Chai, Orange Bergamot). I love the name of the brand and the packaging! You could also dare get it for your boyfriend ;)   

Badger Damascus Rose Face&Body Beauty Package 
This would be the perfect gift for my mum (and probably yours!) since I consider the rose as the projection of the beauty of a mature woman who has given everything for growing her children. You'll get a jar of Rose Beauty Balm, a bottle of Rose Face Oil and one of Rose Body Oil, so lovely! 

Inika Face in a Box 
I chose this set because it's complete and that magnificent powder brush looks so amazing ;) 


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