Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Praise for Ayanature!


A new discover, a lifetime one. Ayanature is an online beauty store created by Ariane who has decided to ethically sell natural organic products. Why am I so enthusiastic about her? She is an incredibly smart marketer and seller, she perfectly knows how to engage new customers and create a fidelity connection with them. How? If you place an order on Ayanature, you'll receive your goods in a cute gift paper bag with a tiny note on it saying 'Thank you' (unconsciously you'll feel special). Then you'll find inside samples (always welcomed) and adhesives of her mascot, the cutiest animal shown above. 
Who knows a little about marketing and selling psychology will certainly recognize that all this just works! 
So after praising Ariane ^^, I'll show you what I purchased... 

Thank you ^^

1- So'Bio Etic BB cream in shade 01 
2- Avril Nail Polishes in 'Bourgogne' and 'Anthracite' 
4- Konjac Sponge for babies (it was on offer, so I opted for this one :) 

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