Monday, August 19, 2013

Moi, si j'étais une jeune fille... by Maisons du Monde

If I were a little girl, I'd have so much to choose from Maisons du Monde and I'd literally drive my parents crazy! My bedroom would range from green to pink and yellows, from wood to metal and glass, I'd create a nice mix! :) 
Here above you have a composition showing my choice for an ideal little girl's bedroom decoration: 
- Trocadero Vintage Dresser: a beautiful retro mango wood chest of 3 drawers, inevitable for the arrangement of children's clothes. 
- Kyara Natural Mirror: an indian wooden mirror that will turn rooms charming, romantic, yet sophisticated. 
- Bond Street Wall Clock: a classic antique-shaped clock that will bring back to ancient times with style. 
- Chesterfield Pink Velvet Armchair: a romantic button back armchair that will fit amazingly in your little princess bedroom. 
- Branches Wall Decoration: a black metal wall frieze which will add that modern and basic art-touch to every kind of style. 
- Yellow Trunks: this is a set of two galvanised metal trunks of different sizes which will make it easy to store your little girl toys, while adding a touch of fashionable bright design. 
- Kindira Box: a little ethnic style wooden box with 4 drawers ideal for arranging the first jewels (or secrets) of your little princess :) 
- Artificial Bamboo Arrangement 
- Bouquet of 24 Buttercups 
- Bell Jar on Pink Stand 
- Kirikou Stuffed Toy Squirrel  

I'll leave you the link to MDM Junior Collection Catalogue
I hope you enjoyed my journey in past times and have dreamt with me! 
Thank you Maisons du Monde for your ceaseless inspiration... 

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