Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Benecos Compact Blushes: here we go!

I decided to test them well before giving my opinion on these three famous blushes by Benecos. Despite of the ingredients (unfortunately they contain Carmine C.I. 75470, which is a bright red pigment obtained from the aluminium salt of carminic acid, produced by scale insects such as Cochineal), I really enjoyed them. 
For once, I'd like to start from the packaging, because Benecos has been criticized by many for the cheap toy-like packages they use. 

I don't agree, I find that they are sleek and resistent, clearly cheap but effective and sturdy, thumbs up!  
The pay-off is good and the choice of colors is limited but smartly made: there is a fresh bright salmony coral (Sassy Salmon), then a cold mallow shade (Mallow Rose) and a brownish brick rose (Toasted Toffee). 
The pigmentation is good, except for Mallow Rose which results more 'translucent' than what you could guess (that's also a pro because I believe no one would ever go out with two mallow stains on their cheeks :) 
The lasting power is medium, they don't last the whole day, but certainly until the lunch break! :D 
I'll leave you with the swatches, I only hope they'll come out with just another shade: a warm mallow rose, some kind of a burgundy, it would be ideal for fall and winter! 

From left: Mallow Rose, Sassy Salmon, Toasted Toffee.

Mallow Rose

Sassy Salmon

Toasted Toffee

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