Monday, October 21, 2013

Il Giardino dei Libri feat. Stai Bene Distribuzione

Taking advantage of a 15% discount on 'Il Giardino dei Libri', I decided to purchase some products by a brand that really appealed me: Stai Bene Distribuzione
It reminds of Lush, but I do believe it provides better quality and wins with beautifully created packagings. 

Besides the discount, I also received a 250ml tube of Argital Green Clay Mask, which will surely have a dedicated post in the future. 
Stai Bene Distribuzione is an italian brand, which provides a range of colorful and funny solid cosmetics, strictly handmade with natural ingredients of the best quality. In my opinion here is the difference between SBD and Lush: the latter exploits its fame to sell fancy appealing products at high prices, also trying to increasingly lower the quality. I still like Lush, mainly because of its ethical commitment and its environmentalistic campaigns, although I think most of the ostentatious fair equity reduces to pure marketing.  
Coming back to the protagonist of this post, I leave you with a list of the goods I bought, hoping to share my opinions soon:
- Fiore Frizzante ai Fiori di Bach (Happiness) 
- Fiore Frizzante for feet (Sage) 
- Bel Tallone (Feet Treatment) 
- Olio solido all'Erba Rugiada (Solid Oil Bar) 
- Gasata Lov'ù Cocco (Bath Bomb)  

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