Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Givenchy Natural'eyes?

Years ago I tried Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara and I felt in love with the result on my lashes. Since it is so lenghtening I only used it on the outer corners of my eyes, just to have a cat-eyes look. I'm not here to talk about this guy, I'm here to ask Natural Brands what's going on with them. 
I mean, it's evident that the prodigious effect on the lashes is due to the shape of the wand, the torture ball as it's called among beauty experts. With this peculiar shape you are easily able to catch every single lash and build it to the fullest :) 
So why has no natural make up brand yet come out with a wand like this? Why do natural brands persist in being so traditional? Is there any legal issues that prevent them to create something like this? An average mineral-based formula with this kind of wand would gain so much appreciation, so many points in favor and fans. Famous Natural Brands, why haven't you thought about it yet? I hope in the next few months this revolutionary wand will become viral (: 

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