Wednesday, January 1, 2014

3 Simply Irrefutable Reasons To Go Vegan!

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There is still so much ignorance regarding veganism, the ideas behind it and the people who choose this 'philosophy' as a way of living. Indeed we are not only talking about a diet choice, we are going further. Vegan is simply a word, a way of classifying a life conduct. Being Vegan is not trendy, nor fashionable as it might look nowadays. Being Vegan is what makes us be more humans.. at the end that's what we are, do you remember? 
I'm not here to make an essay about veganism, since my aim is to merely simplify the question and make it easily digestable and comprehensible to inveterate omnivores! 

So here I am, a humble woman sharing with you 3 simple reasons for switching to veganism: 
1) HEALTH: yes, you have always been thinking Vegans are stoics sacrificing themselves, their passions and pleasures for the love of other living beings. No way. Vegans are positively self-centered, since they know they are conducting a healthy life, eating what their bodies need and enjoy. They live longer and better. Do you love yourself? This is the first question. If you keep on swallowing bloody pieces of concrete suffering, the abhorrent period of hens, the filled-with-pus dairy delicacies...then you are probably the first enemy of yourself and the one in the first row to slowly destroy your life. 
2) ETHICS: in a world filled with lawyers and trials, where every action is inevitably judged, we should start analyzing first what we do and what are the consequences of it. If courts aren't supposed to put you in jail for killing Lily, the lovely pig you were having in your farm, and putting her in the oven, it doesn't mean your action is moral. You should start thinking what your reaction would be at discovering that your neighbor instead killed your pet and baked it because he was hungry. You would probably denounce him and very likely win the trial. What is the difference? You can't find an explanation, but you feel there is something wrong. We have been imposed a default pattern of thought, we follow our lives without being fully conscious of our actions. I'm telling you, not harming other living creatures truly belongs to our nature, even if we are not aware of it nowadays. We are blind, deaf, insensitive. We have simply lost our identity. 
3) COHERENCE TO WHO WE ARE: we have all the characteristics of herbivores, both physical and behavioral. So changing our lifestyle means upsetting our balance, proved by the fact that we are dealing with an increasing incidence of diseases and problems linked to our diet and way of living. We have become something we weren't born to be, so our lives have been totally messed up. 
I really believe we have the freedom to choose in this jailer world, and before bothering about the freedom of speech we are often denied, we should start worrying about reaching our full freedom of thought. The latter starts from the conscious choice of a lifestyle that suits us and our naturally being caring human beings. 

Image by TheVeganTruth

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