Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kobashi Spritzer Hydrolat

Oh, the name was so attractive that I couldn't resist ;) 
This is a blend of hydrolats ideal for soothing reactive and sensitive skin and for toning your mood! 
It has such a delicate floral feminine smell that could be used as a body mist, really lovely. 
I don't like the bottle though, it is made by plastic and it's not so appropriate for such a delicate and precious blend of vegetal ingredients. I would have chosen a glass bottle, much more elegant and suitable for being recycled over and over again. 
So the packaging is the only downside, this tonic is a paradise! 
Besides the beautiful smell, this is a real caress for irritated skin and a concrete help for problem skin. 
Let's take a look at the hydrolats chosen: 
- rose (astringent, purifying, soothing) 
- neroli (antiseptic and calming) 
- lavender (refreshing and healing) 
- chamomile (soothing and calming) 
- Frankincense (regenerating and purifying) 
- Witch Hazel (astringent and purifying) 
- Aloe Vera (the best soother ;) 
Ah, I almost forgot to notify you that I checked its PH (you know I always do it with face cosmetics) and it is 4, so this water has also a mild exfoliating effect!
Would I purchase it again? Despite the cost (8€ for 100ml), I am enjoying it very much, so YES probably I'd look for it one more time!

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