Monday, February 3, 2014

Stream of Consciousness...again!

Image by UpPhotos

Mind blowing go with the flow solar flares among the storms 
NWO bells ringing I know you come caterpillars turning butterflies hell 
on earth blood in paradise floods earthquakes warm linens stains 
against the wall tattoos mark your being your ego conquers the world big bellies 
supercharged bald scalps scrawny child raising hands to the sky 1984 
2016 Orwell prophesying androids descent I'm here love anger energy I can 
help this is my duty fingers running on a keybord I am eager to make you aware 
Obraham opens Pandora's box HAARP geoengineered climate chemtrails throwing 
alumina over us I am still here know and talk Virus so rooted Gates so intentional 
evilish wish behind caring smile eugenics beyond humanitarianism 
billions pruned 500 millions everything is feasible put a hand 
on your heart ooops ignored your mutilation worldspread Mayhem 
of compassion puffy eye dictating law egyptians built and you 
stole their symbol isn't it reckless or disproportionately ambitious 
your plan hey you leading smurfs Daffodils in radiation hold each 
other hands time has come black ties marching on Our lands perfect 
seeds for poisoned perfect bodies silicone hearts robotic fellows 
here we are Agenda 21 ready for 666 Nazi revival legalized genocide 
push the button no time to waste that beautiful smile broken by assisted 
homicides foreign policy cares about vaccines prevent diseases and 
kill cure illnesses and create more Middle Finger wants to come up 
pointing finger you listen you know this is real hardcore sh*t 
hypnotized masses what are you gonna swallow today give you 
facilities what are you gonna purchase today Saint Valentine golden rain falling on GMO hearts 
branded underwear hanging from balconies like glorious sails 
proclaim victory of love on hatred give her a diamond proud of your inflated bank account 
didn't expect resistance it's easy to control minds and bodies not souls blessed from above against worldly curse 
vests and braces power puppets the process has started Baphomet disguised as bright stars horns peering from 
billions valued bras losing souls and path. 
Psychological warfare 
mass media creating cognitive dissonance we want obedient sheeple. 
Silent bombs automatics beats of drums 
a harp melody swinging in the oblivion we dancing in a deadly embrace
Earth has a cancer Mankind here we go I see victorious light shining 
over Illuminati bitter gloom 
I win hand raised doomsday has come.

Image by Newoma

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