Monday, June 30, 2014

Green People Organic Volumizing Mascara

Green People Mascara is meant to leave your eyelashes volumized and well-defined, while deeply conditioning and nourishing them. Is it true? :) 

It has a silicon brush, those that always define and divide your lashes without leaving clumps. Unfortunately the bristles are so short that I always mess up on my eyelids (always!!)
Talking about what it promises, yes it certainly volumizes eyelashes and beautifully defines them, but it adds no length (I know it doesn't claim to be lengthening but I expect that from a mascara :) and it loads my lashes so much that they sag irretrievably -.-' 
So is it a bad mascara in my opinion? No, after all I think it is a nice everyday mascara and I love the colour I picked (Brown Black) because I find it suits my overall image better than pitch black ones.  

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