Monday, December 10, 2012

The Best Gift Idea: Save the Children NOW!

'We cannot leave defenseless children anywhere exposed to ruin- moral or physical. We cannot run the risk that they should weep, starve, despair and  die, with never a hand stretched out to help them'  
Eglantyne Jebb 

What 'Save the Children' is? 
In 1919 a revolutionary woman, Eglantyne Jebb, began fighting for children's rights thus founding this association that today is the most important international independent organization for defending children lives.   

While you are getting ready for luxurious Christmas Eve's dinner, tons of children are dying and YOU ARE AWARE OF THAT, so don't take more time, just choose to help someone TODAY! 
'Save the Children' gives you the chance to do a very special gift: all you have to do is choosing the gift in honor of someone you love, place your order and they will immediately send a personalized gift ecard to your honoree featuring the gift item chosen in their name, sure you will put a smile on someone's face! 
Here you can find the list of gifts available, thank you for your support! 

We alla wish you together a wonderful and flourishing New Year! 
Thank you! 


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