Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Natural Beauty Wishlist (^-^)

Lately I've discovered a british paradise for natural cosmetics' lovers... Naturisimo! There are a wide range of cruelty free products, you could just lose yourself really :) 
Among all the brands I felt very curious about Vapour Organic Beauty, a serious company which claims to be a high performance range of pure organic cosmetics made from 70% certified organic ingredients and 30% mineral pigments and vitamins. This brand uses no synthetic chemicals, no petroleum ingredients and above all IT'S NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. 
I actually would like to try their Skin Perfector, which is some kind of primer supposed to brighten the complexion and even out the skin tone. 

It has an interesting formula based on lightweight vegetal oils and minerals, would it be effective in my opinion? Certainly it shows to be a high quality product, my only doubt is about its 'oiliness', maybe it could be too greasy on the skin but I've seen that on the list of ingredients, Silica is in third place, so it will probably cunningly dry the whole formula... I gotta try it out anyway to give a most precise opinion! 
Apparently the only downside about this product is the crazy price: 47£ for 30g! 
(-_-') Oh Jesus... 



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