Monday, January 21, 2013

Badger Vs Burt's Bees

Who will win today's cosmetic competition? Smart Striped Bees or the sweet hairy Badger?  :) 
Since they are meant to be similar products, I thought it would have been interesting to know which one I'd recommend. 

Without any doubt they are both good balms since they feature only natural ingredients. Moreover they both have a pleasant refreshing feeling thanks to the add of peppermint oil. 

Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm  4.25g  
Badger cocoa butter lip balm  7g

Burt's Bees' one gives a real cooling tingle to your lips, that's a real pleasure! But when it comes to ingredients, I don't fully share the choice of some of them. Firstly I don't think lanolin was so essential, even if it is well known for its protective and emollient properties, let's say I don't like the fact of "exploiting sheeps' sebaceous glands" in order to moisturize my lips -.-' 

Badger's cocoa butter lip balm formulation is impeccable since it has only 
fine ingredients. Comparing it to Burt's Bees one, this gives a more subtle refreshing sensation but it feels more moisturizing on the lips. Besides the packaging is sooo  cute!  :)  
The key to understand their 
different effect on the lips is in the analysis of the first ingredients: Burt poured in his balm a base of beeswax (which main aim is protection) with a medium oil (coconut) and a light one (sunflower), therefore here you have the reason why it feels so light and doesn't nourish that much your lips; the lil Badger instead prepared a base of a butter (cocoa), beeswax and two heavy oils (olive and castor ones)...that's why this fat stick donates immediate relief and moisture to your dry lips. 

In the end, if I had to recommend one, I'd choose the Badger Cocoa butter lip balm because it deserves it, although none of them does miracles with my winter deeply chapped lips :/ 


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  1. Lanolin is a byproduct of processing wool. Nobody's out there squeezing sheeps' oil glands for lanolin.


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