Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vishuddhi: the Fifth Chakra

Vishuddhi, the fifth chakra, si located in our throat. It rules creativity, speech, communication, grace and listening to the Higher Self. This chakra represents the 'adulthood' stage of life and the 'New Age' time era, when we are urged to expand our consciousness from a limited level to a planetary one. 

COLOR: pale/greenish blue 
ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Gemini, which represents a dual nature, creative and analytical, gregarious and reclusive, extroverted and introvert. 
SENSE: hearing, the capability of listening to both our inner self and others. 
MANTRA: 'ham' or 'u' 
NUMBER: 16, which in numerology reduces to 7, the number of analysis, knowledge, meditation, it leads to an inner awareness that's essential for creativity to rise and communicate our real true Self. 
ELEMENT: Ether, hence it's the first chakra ruled by our higher senses. 
GLAND: Thyroid Gland, which communicates with our entire body and regulates our overall health by affecting heart rate, body weight, energy level, memory, cholesterol rates, skin condition, menstrual regularity, etc. 

When Vishuddhi is clear, we feel physically and psychologically strong, our communication is effective and we have positive relations and interactions with others. 
When Vishuddhi is unclear, we feel uninspired and unfulfilled creatively, we might have metabolism imbalance, hearing and voice problems, finally we may be bored and boring for lack of effective communication. 



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